A shared destiny...

« A meeting, in the deepest sense of the term, is a coincidence provided by the chance. But the chance seems to be aware of our expectations. If you look in your past, you can feel that nothing happened by chance, everything is connected, everything happened is due to logic. I believe that we are connected not only because of the chance. I believe also that we are free from a written destiny. Between these two ideas, the answer is probably hidden in yourself... Back was born as a consequence of various meeting which are not fabulous. A kid game during the break in a kindergarten, an old wood table in high school, or the so-called exam preparations at the university... Not a big story! So why should we speak about that ?

To illustrate how we came to the Back Association, we have to share what we carry inside ourself. The will of sharing. The taste for adventures. By the way you can clearly observe it in our legal status. But let's be back to our story. Once we met each other, we could have a basical friend story. But no, we were choosen to make something bigger. Lead by these values, we quickly had unforgettable moments mountaineering, sailing or performing on stage. Each of us join the team with his personal story, his personal taste and his vision.  But still with the will a of sharing as a common denominator. This attitude led our team to the Top.

After a couple of small adventures that you can read in french on our blog, we ended to make something bigger that a chilling weekend on our local  spot. How do we build the Ushba Project ? Like all the others expeditions: when you are listening a fascinating story from some fantastic guys, you quickly feel that you can succeed in making your dream a reality. And the next day, having a drink in a bar, cames the spark: "Guys what do you think about having our own expedition ?" Everything came from here.

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Why the name Back ? Because we need a name, isn't it? So here we have one. One single syllable. Finally just a simple and efficient name. You will not find a logic explanation about our choice. So you don't need to ask us. But if you surf a bit on our website, you may find a reason linked to the atmosphere of the association... To speak about "infini" this is just the name of web hoster located in Brest, France. Infini means Infinity in French and we like it because you never know when it starts and when we will stop !

Just back from their expedition, our 6 dudes were just thinking to one and unique thing: when are we leaving again? You have to know that one of our annual date is to go sailing. We already had the oppurtinity to experiment a climbing and a sailing trip on a spot located in the Var, France. This is with all these memories that the Svalbard Project started. A new more amibitious project, with bigger needs, an experimented team, more challenges... One thing was missing: an official organization able to represent us. Logical consequence from the chance that the life give us, the Back Association was born..."

Fab translated by Ludo

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