LEGAL STATUS - "Back" Association


Article 1 : Legal Foundation

Pursuant to the law from the 1st July 1901 and the 16th August 1901 legislative decree, the association named “Back” is founded.

Article 2 : Purpose

The purpose of the association it to create and manage climbing and sailing events or any others passions submit by one of our actif members. Through this project, Back commits itself to its values which are adventures and pleasure.

Article 3 : Head Office

The Head Office is located in Grenoble. This location can be changed by a simple agreement from the Administrative Board.

Article 4 : Period

The Association is set up for an indefinite period.

Article 5 : Management

Back is managed as a collegiate body.

Article 6 : General Organisation

Back is composed of actifs members and supporting members. All of these members are volunteers. The Administrative Board is composed of actives members.

Article 7 : The Administrative Board

The Administrative Board purpose is to animate, create new projects and realize them. To become an active member, an invitation sends by an active member and the majority votes from the actives members are requested. The active members are co-opted.

Back, through the Administrative board, is managed as a collegiate body which means:

7.1 : A shared responsability

The Administrative Board shall exercise the requested powers to act on behalf of the Association. Each of our actives members is able to fill all the administrative acts requested to the daily operations of the Association. By administrative acts, we mean all the declaration and publication formalities requested by the law and choose by the Administrative Board.


The Administrative Board represents Back in legal proceedings and in all civil matters. In the event of legal proceedings, the actives members involved at the time when the acts were commited, will be held jointly and severally liable in front of the competent administration.

7.2 : A collective decisionmaking mode

All the decisions will be taken during the meetings of the Administrative Board by the vote of an absolute majority. Each choice made by the administrative board are coming from a consensus from the actives members. The supporting members have the opportunity to participate to the meetings of the Administrative Board and to develop their opinions, but their votes will be consider as an advisory vote.

Article 8 : The supporting members

The supporting members are people whishing to support Back in its projects. All applications for membership are validated by the Administrative Board through the vote of an absolute majority.

Article 9 : Ressources

Ressources are made up of the following:

- membership fees,

- various types of public subsidies (i.e States subsidies, local aids and various institutions)

- all ressources coming from activities and events, interest and revenues accruing from its potentials assets, stocks and shares and from remuneration for services rendered.

- all ressources coming from cooperation agreement signed with public or private organization

- any kind of ressources, subsidies or aids which would not be against the law in force.

Article 10 : Internal working of the association

Back is mainly managed by the actives members. However, all the actives members has to consider any suggestions or ideas from the supporting members, specially from the supporting members deeply commited in our projects.

Article 11 : Administrative Board Meetings and General Assembly

Considering the localization of the actives members, they can use as they need all the IT requested and available.

A General Assembly can be done on request from all the supporting members. A convocation will be send to all the members with the date, the place and the agenda.

Article 12 : Dissolution

The dissolution of the Association has to be voted by all the members invited by the Administrative Board during an Extraordinary General Assembly provided for that purpose.

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