for all the Svalbard Project.

Departure from Brest in June 2013, the 1st, to Tromso.

Departure from Tromso to Svalbard in July 2013, the 21th. Come back at Tromso in Auguste,  the 25th.

Departure de Tromso le 1er Septembre 2013 pour Brest.


Note for the interested scientist who read this page : the yellow line to travel "to go." Considering what it is, we can not allow ourselves to divert off to reach a waypoint. In contrast to the return in September everything is debatable, in consideration of our planning...


Typical distances :

Brest - Tromso = 1900nm
Tromso - Svalbard = 600nm + 400nm for trecking.

Total from Brest to Brest : 4800nm or 8900km


Means of transport : the LeenanHead.




Download the document "kml" to display the route in Google Earth.
Right click on the link and "Save target as ..."

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