Ludo: Allright, I really feel the need to go climbing again on the otherside of the world...

Berto:  Kids! Shall we go there sailing?

Del: That's right ! This is so much cooler! Just imagine a floating mobile basecamp!

Piero:  I still have memory space in my cam.

Fab: I have just heard about an archipelago located in the North of Norway. This place is not too much desert and not too much crowded with enough mountains to have a huge dose of fun.

Antho: Nobody has seen my sleeping bag ?

Stef : Are they vertical rocks on this archipelago ?

All the members are sitting around a laptop and spoting the world thanks to Google Earth.


This conversation happened in French. Please have a look on our french version and try to say it in French to become a real member!



Rock climbing, sailing, sciences and pleasure.

Here are our 4 baselines that we can sum up "going to rock climbing in the Svalbard". But what the f**** is the Svalbard ?

What is the Svalbard ?

Position du Spitzberg dans le monde

The Svalbard is an archipelago located between Norway and the North Pole. It's also located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Artic Ocean. The area is around a tenth of the French area, but its coast length is one sixth of the French Coast. Make the calcutation... And yes! This archipelago is full of Fjord!

Rock Climbing

Carte du Svalbard

These numerous fjords (we are already dreaming of them) are surrounded by some pretty interesting summits! This means that we got a perfect natural playground. These summits are (not so) high. As an example the highest point is around 1700m. But we have to take into consideration that we will leave from the sea level.

Our objectives are some summits mainly located in the West of the Archipelago. Some of them shall be already full of snow and some others not. Each ascents will last around 2 or 3 days per objective.


la recherche, voilier polaire historique, illustration exagérée pour le svalbard project...

We will leave sailing from Tromsø, Norway, for a first 5 days trip which will give us more autonomy for rock climbing. So our climbers shall be able to choose their spot and our seamen will stay on board keeping our boat safe. In this way we will carry our food and equipments for one month on our boat instead of our shoulders!


You just read the core of our project, but we also have some transveral tasks


la science au svalbard, par l'association back

Our expedition will be also a scientific expedition. How can we to contribute to the scientific community effort.

Our idea is simple. According to the spot we will visit, according to our routes, our boat size and our previsionnal planning, we can easily bring some scientific instruments on the spot, or to pick up some of them, or to take some pictures etc...

So contact us if you need us, we are looking for a partnership.


l'association back réalise des films sur le svalbard project

We have to assume the fact that this is not possible to make an exhaustive list of all the pleasures we will take from that experience. The ascents of new summits, all of our teamshifts on board, all the scientific datas we will pick up, the project management... We are pushing ourself in any details, which is a really important part of our motivation! Do not forget that we are, before everything, just a bunch of friends...

But we are not selfish. We want to share everything: from our good mood to our pictures, movies, stories, conferences of our adventure...



Here we are.

The Svalbard Project is a bit of everything you read!



Download a flyer about us and the Svalbard project :

File about Back Association

mars 2012

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